DotPerfect Downloads

Updated : 8/16 bit Error Diffusion Screening Plugins for Series 8 RIPs

v5.00a of the DotPerfect Better EDS plugins update for v8.1 RIPS is now available for evaluators to download. The screens are fully compatible with the DotPerfect vDot TIFF  output plugin, which supports sheet media margins and composite or separated 2 and 4 bits/pixel output, and demonstrates basic control of BEDS screening with an output plugin. More info...

Updated : Windows Raster Printer Driver

The free Raster Printer Driver is now available with support for all 64 bit versions of Windows, from XP to Windows 7. More info...

ExtraTiff Photoshop Plugin

This free 'ExtraTiff' Photoshop-compatible plugin extends the ability of Photoshop's TIFF reader to include composite 1, 2, and 4 bit/pixel CMYK formats, commonly used for halftoning in the Graphic Arts industry. It works with all Windows Photoshop versions from 6.0 to CS6. More info...

Old : DE-EDS Plugins

The DotPerfect Extended EDS plugin installer for Harlequin Eclipse and Genesis series RIPs on
Microsoft Windows is no longer available directly from this website, please enquire at Glunz & Jensen.

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