Better Error Diffusion Screening for Harlequin RIPs from DotPerfect

Available for download now

BEDS screens are curvilinear, compensating for dot gain at higher resolutions without RIP calibration.

DotPerfect B.E.D.S  v5.00a

Features :

*  Separate gain control of line graphics, images, vignettes, and text.

* Fine adjustment of gain compensation and linearity of individual colorants.

* 8 /16 bit input supported.

* Optional 2x2 anti-aliasing.

* Highly resistant to 'tearing'

* Available for Eclipse, Genesis, and Series 8 RIPs.

BEDS2 gain compensation: solid on 4% tint, at 0%  +48% and +100% gain

The combination of a BEDS screen with a Harlequin Series 8 RIP

offers an unprecedented
level of control over the
halftoning process.

Each colorant can be
individually adjusted to
compensate for dot gain,
and different object types
(text, graphics, vignettes,
and images) within each
colourant are independently

helping to maintain a full tonal range.

BEDS screens are also available as 'Early Screening' plug-ins for
Harlequin Eclipse and Genesis RIPs (v6.x and v7.x) , and in library form for OEM  integration into Harlequin command-line RIPs.

All downloaded BEDS screens are fully-functional, but apply a lightweight evaluation 'watermark', which is removed when a password key is purchased.

The variable-dot screens all
support anti-aliasing, to improve the accuracy of fine text and linework at low resolutions or under high dot gain conditions.

The core algorithm in all BEDS screens makes them naturally resistant to 'tearing' at high-contrast edges, even when compensating for a high amount of system gain. They also have a liearity control, which reduces the amount of calibration adjustment necessary at the RIP,

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