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DotPerfect Better Error Diffusion Screening (BEDS)

8/16 bit Error Diffusion Screening Plugins for Series 8 RIPs

The v5.00a DotPerfect Better EDS plugins update for v8 RIPS is now available to OEM evaluators. It is not available to end-users.

The Better EDS (BEDS) plugin installer for Harlequin Eclipse/Genesis (6.x 7.x) Windows RIPs is also available for evaluation on request.

The BEDS 8 and 16 bit 'Core Module' screens for Series 8 RIPs on Microsoft  Windows is available for free download and limited evaluation. They include bilevel, 3-tone, 4-tone, and 8-tone (1, 1.5, 2, and 3 bit) screening plugins, suitable for platemaking and n-color proofing, all with finely adjustable individual dot-gain compensation for line, text, vignette and images, for each colorant. The 1.5 2 and 3 bit screens support anti-aliasing for better rendition of text and fine line work. All screens support linearity control, and OEM pre- and post-processing DLLs for further customisation.

This is a fully-functional free trial of the version 5 release of the screens, with 'watermarking' which can be prevented by obtaining a password. Its use is subject to certain terms and conditions .

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