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DotPerfect Windows Raster Printer Driver

This is a Windows Printer Driver for use with Windows XP, Server2003, Server2008, Vista, and Windows7, on x32 and amd64 bit platforms. It can be configured to produce TIFF, JPEG, PNG, (Windows)BMP, and pseudo-PDF files. The files are automatically named for the original document, with a 4-digit PageNumber suffix.

The output format is always 3x8bit RGB. Unfortunately, pagenumbers are not derived from the document, so printing pages 5-7 or 9-11 will both produce files numbered 0001-0003.

Windows does not allow us to show only applicable compression modes for each output file format, so a default mode will be used if an invalid one is selected. For TIFF, this is LZW, and for JPEG or PDF, it is High-Quality JPG. Windows BMPs and PNGs are never compressed.

You can use any colour management system installed to your system.
A useful range of resolutions is supported, and some include anti-aliasing, which helps retain fine detail, and improves the legibility of fine text.


After downloading and unpacking the ZIP file, run AddRasPort32.exe or AddRasPort64 exe as an administrator.
This makes the RasterPrinter port available, ready for when you install the 'printer driver'.

AddRasPort will attempt to launch the appropriate version of ConfigRasPort, which enables you to set the output folder for the printer driver. You can run ConfigRasPort at any time (again, as an administrator), should you wish to change the folder later. The application checks that you have write permission in the selected folder, since most folders on a Windows system appear to be Bill Gates' personal property nowadays.

Once the port has been added, you can install the 'printer', as normal:
Start/Settings/Printers/AddPrinter LocalPrinter
(Start/DevicesAndPrinters/AddAPrinter LocalPrinter on Windows7).

You'll need to select Create A New Port, and choose RasterPrinter Port from the list.
Use the "Have Disk" button, and browse to the RasterPrinter.inf file.

Please note that the RasterPrinterPort is not suitable for use with any other printer driver.


Thanks are due (in no particular order) to the following, who have all contributed to the free source files used in the creation of this plugin. None of them have endorsed my work, nor are they are in any way responsible for any use or misuse I have made of their generosity :

Sam Leffler
Greg Ward Larson
Frank D. Cringle
Silicon Graphics, Inc
Mark Adler
Jean-loup Gailly
SunSoft, Inc.
The International Color Consortium
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
Thomas G. Lane
Independent JPEG Group
James A. Woods
Spencer Thomas
Joseph Orost.
University of California, Berkeley

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